How to learn positive thinking

This book was published in German first and was a bestseller from the start. I decided to translate the book to English as there are obviously more English speaking readers.

What are the main benefits of positive thinking?

Scientists tell us that people who think in a positive way suffer from less diseases like cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes and others. Plus, if you keep thinking in a positive way, of course you will enjoy your life much more. Why should you waste your life with negative thoughts, grumbling and complaining.

Complaining has never improved a situation. So why keep trying it?

Instead, thinking and talking in a positive way, leads you to success, people will like you more, you will even like yourself more. It’s worth the effort!

Why should you read this book?

Most people know about the benefits and the positive impact of positive thinking on their life. Still, they simply struggle in their efforts. This book gathers 26 easy steps, each of them being promising enough on its own. Simply pick the exercises that are convenient for your life.

It offers self-help instead of dragging you to expensive weekend workshops. Start your easy self-coaching and lead the life you always wanted to live.

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